Class Descriptions

Cruisin’ For a Bluesin’ 

Maybe the music is called “The Blues,” but the dancing part should really be called “The Slow, Sexy Dance That Makes You Happy.” But that’s just too long a name and doesn’t sound as cool. So just know that you’re going to be listening to great down-and-dirty soul music while learning moves that will impress and challenge even the most discerning slow-dancer.

All God‘s Children Got Rhythm   

Ever wonder how to develop your own style? This swing-based class is for you. We’ll push, pull and cajole you into finding your own unique style. Experience the partner interplay & rhythm games.


Colorful, flirtatious, playful. Get a workout, get sweaty, get sore – get hired by the world's largest film industry!!! Not a partner dance, this'll stretch your brain & movement vocabulary in unexpected ways. Fresh off of the plane from India & their budding career in Bollywood, our instructors will give you a morning you'll be talking about for a while as they ask, “Who wants to dance like a millionaire?!!”

Bachata! Bachata! Hotta & Hotta!  

What’s a matta? Never heard of Bachata? Well, you’ll be hearing a lot soon! Bachata danced its way out of the Dominican Republic and into our studios with a smoothly sensuous four-step beat accented by a walking hip motion and a unique “pop”. This dance is sure to raise the heat and heart rates. You’ll get thirsty and glad you broughta lotta watta. Want more? Come check it out on the 2nd. There’ll be new moves for those of you who have already taken a little or a lotta.

Tango Immersion  

You’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of Argentine Tango and experience a connection with your partner unlike any other partner dance. In this two-part workshop you will learn the basic tango walk, turns and time steps. We will also explore a few fancy combinations, tango music, and the tango philosophy. Be careful, you might get hooked!

Romantic Rumba

Imagine a room full of people floating and gently turning to some of the best music in the world. Now imagine yourself there too! Come learn elegant, ballroom style Waltz and work your romantic side. This class is excellent for beginners who are even remotely interested in romance and kanoodling. 

Swing 2: Smooth Moves & Sweeps

Smooth attitude allows you to stretch out lazy, sultry moves. A swing version to suit those slower tunes and blues. We will add American Bandstand styling -- from Dick Clarke's popular TV show! These slow moves & sweeps just look and feel cool!

Swing 2: Rhythm Play

“It’s all about the music!” Once we become the music, well, the dance flows from there.  We’ll learn some cool moves, but more importantly they fit into the music, and how to take our partner with us in this co-creation.this class. Being one with the music -- easier than you think!?

Swing 2: Walk the Line

Learn to whisk your partner from one area of the dance floor to another. Add flourishes to your following. Accomplish all this while maintaining a great connection and footwork that’s sure and timely. Whether you find yourself dancing on a crowded floor or a wide open ballroom, you’ll develop skills that’ll keep you and your partner safe, happy, and swingin'.

Salsa 2: Checks, Blocks & Flips

We've got a game plan to get you off the sideline with some snazzy Salsa moves. A few of the items we'll cover include fancy footwork, how to recover from a fumble, sneaky end runs, additional tips on Latin hip action to get the backfield in motion, and lead/follow advice to earn that extra point.
Prerequisite: Salsa 1

Salsa 2: Tricks and Illusions

Hand drops, hairbrushes, drapes, and catches all add to salsa styling and make it more fun. Learn how to make simple Salsa moves more exciting using these tricks.

Salsa 2: Mission Possible

Find the hidden jewels in your Salsa dancing. In this class Julie & Pam will help you crack the secret code of double spins without self-destructing, and decode the mystery of Salsa styling and footwork. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to have fun learning an exotic combination of moves and patterns.

Smokey Blues

It IS the connection to your partner - TOGETHER YOU ARE THE MUSIC. The good news - If you can walk, you can Blues! We'll begin from the ground up and build element by element. Grow your dance partnership into delicious, counter-balanced variations, percussive expressions, unfathomably easy dips and sensuous entanglements.


The music has just slowed down and you are inspired to move! Blues combines skills from One-Step, Waltz, Tango and more to create a dance style with so many possibilities you wont ever want to leave! Don't miss out on the simple style and finesse you could be enjoying. 

Prerequisite: None

Blues into Tango I

Come learn a little Blues and a little Argentine Tango. These two dance styles share so much but are so different in how the feel. The walking basic of each dance allows for a many places to use both styles at the same time. 

Prerequisite: None

Lindy Hop 1

This is where swing began and you continue. The eight-count basics of Lindy Hop will both challenge you and give you a taste of the history of swing dancing! We will cover the four main Savoy Style Lindy Hop basics along with a list of other turns and twists.
Prerequisite: Swing 2 or instructor permission

Lindy Hop 2

After dancing the solid basics of Lindy Hop 1, continue on learning fresh new moves along with more classics. Learn the entrances and exits of Tandem Charleston while turning your feet to faster and slower music! The class curriculum rotates each session. Everyone is encouraged to continue on at this level for four or more sessions learning Charleston combinations, spins, jazz steps and more.
Prerequisite: Lindy Hop 1 or instructor permission

Salsa 1

(This ain't` no cookin` class!) Many people have a secret passion for Salsa music (Jodi), Some of us just want to be able to dance to anything (Matt)! Come join us for one of our most popular classes in Fresh Salsa. Simple basics are offered each session along with moves from Cuba, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and more!

Prerequisite: None

Salsa 2

Come add to your Salsa repertoire. We will learn new drapes, spins and other moves that might just be too hot for the public each session.(We have a lot of fun and laughter!) Jodi has just come back from national and international study in this dance. She has lots to share! Come learn L.A. style, Cuban motion and the New York Coppa!
Prerequisite: Salsa 2 or instructor permission


This dance is a lovely adaptation of salsa sensuality and styling and the flow and float of waltz. You'll learn how to float this beautiful waltz style with ease and grace -- much easier than you may think! No previous salsa or waltz experience needed -- No Dance experience or partner necessary.

Fall in love with Latin rhythm, learn the footwork of the Cha Cha and Rumba. You'll learn the basics and playfully moves for these two smooth Latin dances. You'll find out how easily these versatile dances can be danced to contemporary and traditional music. No Dance experience or partner necessary.

So you say you are invited to a Wedding -- or perhaps even going to be in one?! Well, let's get you ready! We'll teach several dance styles so that you will be ready for any music that comes your way. If you are preparing your "first dance," we will be able to recommend music for that special moment. And of course, we are going to dance, dance, dance -- so that you will feel prepared! And of course, we will dance , dance dance --- so that you feel prepared! No Dance experience or partner necessary.

Cha-Cha & Merengue I

When the music is to fast for Salsa you will want to come join this class and learn what to do when that fast Latin music starts playing. The "walking basic" of Merengue makes it quick and easy to learn. If the music slows down you need to know the Cha-Cha. This class slows down moves from Salsa and creates new one that feel perfect to the Cha-Cha-Cha of the music.

Prerequisite: None

Swing 1

This is one of the best places to start! Come experience the excitement of the dance known as Jitterbug, East Coast Swing and Six-count Lindy. We will cover several easy to learn and fun to move basics with turns to match. If you’re not sure about it come take the first class for free!

Prerequisite: None

Swing 2

Our most popular continuing class. Come learn new moves and classic footwork patterns to move your swing to the next level. The class curriculum rotates between four entirely different sets of moves each session. Everyone is encouraged to continue on at this level for up to four sessions learning Single, Double and Triple-Time East coast Swing.
Prerequisite: Swing 1 or instructor permission

Hot Swing Low Down

Ready to challenge your feet again? Come learn new combinations in both six and eight-count rhythms. Each session will have a blend of fresh, new moves and styling along with classic moves that have been around for ages.
Prerequisite: Swing 2, or instructor permission

Balboa I

Come learn this popular "closed position" dance from the 30s and 40s. Perfect for when the tempo picks up and you don't want to leave the floor! We will cover the eight-count basics along with several combinations.
Prerequisite: Swing 2, or instructor permission

Swingin` Foxtrot 1

This is not your Great, Great, Grandparents dusty old Foxtrot. We combine the excitement of Swing with the grace of Foxtrot. Come learn to travel around the room with a partner or dance in one spot to all of your favorite music.
Prerequisite: Swing 1 or currently enrolled in Swing 1

Fred & Ginger Foxtrot I

Come join us for an evening of gliding around the room with the style of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Learn the simple footwork, turns and styling that allow you to move quickly around the room.
Prerequisite: Swing 1 or Waltz 1

Wiley Cajun Waltz

What makes Cajun waltz Cajun? Baby, it's the strut. It's cool, it's laid back, it's sexy and romantic, and if you did it in Vienna, you might end up in jail! It's as much Country two-step as high brow Viennese or Romantic Waltz – all good, all the time.

Waltz 2: Move to Romance

Romantic slow waltz moves.

We'll shadow, we'll promenade, we'll swirl, and we'll orbit.

Baby, We may even dip and twirl!  We'll take what you know and smooth it out to a floating romantic dream.

Waltz I

Imagine a room full of people floating and gently turning to some of the best music in the world. Now imagine yourself there too! Come learn elegant, ballroom style Waltz and work your romantic side. This class is excellent for beginners.
Prerequisite: None

Waltz II

If you are ready to move on and expand your waltzing horizons this is the class for you. Come learn new moves that will glide effortlessly around the floor. The curriculum rotates between one of our three Waltz 2 classes each session it is offered. Everyone is encouraged to continue on at this level for up to three sessions learning new combinations, dips and navigating tricks.
Prerequisite: Waltz 1 or instructor permission


What the heck is Zydeco?

It's a fun, percussive, playful dance from the swamps of Lousianna.

This super joyful music is characterized by scrub-board percussion and accordion, and the dance with an easy-to-own basic that grows as playful, sexy and rhythmic as you care to throw down.

We'll start with the basic step and help you build a personal creative style, including 'sexy hips' and smooth-as-glass pivot turns.

You'll be dancing like Dennis Quaid & Ellen Barkin in the BIG EASY before you can say "Jambalaya!"